IT Services


Disaster Recovery 

Hawk Data Systems DR services includes duplication of customer's critical computing systems in a continuously and automatically manor to Hawk Data Systems secure and protected facility, flexibly suited to the needs of the customer.

The services include computing resources, storage, communication, data security and additional tools to perform the operations necessary for recovery in case of a disaster or an emergency, with the option of using Hawk Data Systems cloud, hosting and communication resources.

The services are based on a data synchronization service combined with a minimal system resource while keeping a high maintenance level and a proper solution when customer's primary site is compromised from any reason. The service is offered to open systems such as UNIX or Windows, providing a comprehensive system solution.


Business Continuity 

Hawk Data Systems BCP services include process mapping and preparation of emergency plans for the organization, preparation and a sequence of operations in emergency scenarios, periodic drills and testing. 

Hawk Data Systems provides its clients with rooms to continue their work in times of emergency, including work environment, computer and telephone systems, internet services and connecting the local network to the client’s DR environment in combination with private and public cloud computing, with the aid of professional and experienced computer staff. 

Hawk Data Systems provides its customers with a disaster recovery plan that allows their business maximum continuity and full redundancy of IT structure. The plan includes:

  •  Provision of  a standby site - that includes a replica of the main site’s infrastructure
  • Definition of possible disaster scenarios - and their probability of occurrence, in compliance with the client’s SLA parameters.
  • A Work environment in case of emergency in the data center facility - work stations in time of emergency that allow the client to connect to the hosting servers at the facility. In addition, the client can have communication, telephone, Internet, backup and telephone support services that will allow him to continue his business activities in case of emergency.


Facility Infrastructure

At the age where data technologies stand at the center of the business world, the need for supporting infrastructures is growing.

Hawk Data Systems data center was planned, built and managed according to the highest standards in the industry and provides the client with a safe, available, innovative and advanced environment for hosting physical IT  infrastructures and cloud computing services. 

Hawk Data Systems  data center holds the highest levels of survivability in energy infrastructures, connectivity in bandwidth, advanced storage and backup services, data security and physical security. 



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