IT Services

Clouding Services

Virtual Servers 

Hawk Data Services Virtual Servers include advanced and innovative cloud solutions which enable customers to enjoy advanced possibilities without the need of purchasing servers, storage or hosting


Servers & Virtualization

VM ware services provide advanced Virtual Machine services that allow setting up a virtual server that provides the benefits of a physical server without the cost of maintaining and operating a dedicated physical server.

Hawk Data Services VM software packages are rich with features and include management tools that enable full control of the server, with Hawk Data Services responsible for hardware integrity and maintenance. The VM servers are based on Intel® 5500 processors that run on advanced servers in order to provide the required computing power and speed. 

Hawk Data Services offers its customers Snapshot services for virtual machines. The virtual machines are protected by creating complete copies of the system, in every point in time and without being influenced by the systems operations and in case of failure it is possible to work on a copy that was saved previously and recover the entire system.

Copying the system backup is economical and can be used in parallel with the system, without any disturbance to the user. Recovery is Efficient and quick since it does not require recovery from a traditional backup.


Backup Services 

Hawk Data Services Backup Services include remote backup solutions which enable to backup critical data, that is in constant risk, to a safe and secured site

  • Remote Backup

Hawk Data Services Remote Backup services provide the users with a data backup system to an external site by Internet

  • Acronis

Hawk Data Services Acronis service is a Backup as a Service (BaaS) at a Pay-per-Use Module, which is meant to support big capacities.

  • Rushfiles

Hawk Data Services provides a secure organizational file sharing solution, from Rushfiles.


 Mail Services 

Hawk Data Services Mail Services include local mail solutions of Hosted Exchanged and Office 365 which include full support in English by Hawk Data Services


Hosted Exchange

Hawk Data Services Hosted Exchange services enable small organizations the ability to manage their own business data


 Office 365

Hawk Data Services Office 365 services by Microsoft aid to increase your business activity with all known office tools 











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